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Why You Should Taste Batagor When You Visit Bandung

So, you have decided to visit Bandung for your vacation? Besides listing all the places you want to visit, you also need to do a little research about the best culinary in Bandung. This city is filled with creative people and they can create the most delicious food even from the most unexpected ingredients. So, if you don’t plan your culinary adventure well, you will not have the time to taste all the great culinary masterpiece in this city.

But since you are in Bandung, you definitely cannot miss to eat one of the most popular foods in this city that is Batagor. Batagor is a short term for Bakso Tahu Goreng (fried meatball and tofu). It is a very simple dish but the taste is certainly out of this world, especially if you eat it in Bandung and it is made with traditional recipes.

There are so many delicious culinary in Bandung, so, why Batagor? What is so special about it? Well, let’s talk about the taste and texture of the food itself first. Batagor is basically a meatball, but instead of meat, its main ingredient is fish, usually tenggiri (wahoo fish). Batagor consists of two major elements. The first one is the fried siomay. Just like what its name suggests, it is basically a fried version of siomay and the texture is really chewy with authentic savory taste from the tenggiri.

The second element is the fried tofu. The inside of the tofu will be taken out and then substituted with the fish meatball dough, the same ingredient with the fried siomay. When it comes to the fried tofu, it is the meatball dough that makes all the differences because it complements the bland taste of the tofu with something more interesting. The combination of the tofu and meatball texture will create a party in your mouth.

Batagor is extremely delicious and many people will be more than happy to vouch for it. If it is fried well, you will get a combination of heavenly texture that is crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside.

The next reason why you should eat Batagor is the peanut sauce. The chunky texture of the sauce works really well with the softness of the Batagor itself. Pour a little bit of sweet soy sauce, also specially made chili sauce and also a dash or two of lime juice, the taste and sweet aroma of Batagor will make you crave for it even more.

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